Jeddah Yachts Marina

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Marina Management

We provide unsurpassed marina management services customized to fit the needs of your marina company. We have the expertise to bring you the best in marina operations, state of the art facilities, marina financing, accounting and reporting, legal support, human resource management, environmental and regulatory support, insurance and risk management, marketing and advertising and marina consulting. At the center of it all, Jeddah Yachts Marina provides excellent customer service for you, the marina owner and for your marina customer. To be known as “Your Preferred Recreational Experience At, On or Near the Water” is the course we have set for ourselves and the course we will set for you.

Boats & Jet ski Rental

Always offering the latest in high performance of jetskis, charter boats and yacths, our fleet of up to 75 vessels ensures availability at even peak times, and brand new equipment means not only a great looking, but a terrific ride as well! If you're looking for a cool and refreshing way to enjoy your summer vacation. our rentals are a great way to live life to the fullest this summer without breaking your budget. So pack your swim trunks, head to the water, and celebrate your freedom while you make waves on board a fast and fun vessel.


Jeddah Yachts Marina provides a complete storage service both in and out of the water so you can be sure that your vessel is safe and secure all year round. Our marina has provisions for all sizes of boat berths and on-shore storage, so whatever you wish to do with your boat you know it's safe. With so many marina berths available, we can make sure we have a space for your boat no matter what the size. Yacht berths in any of our marina is ample enough to accommodate every size of yacht currently on the sea, and with our security watch keeping an eye on your boat every day and our online community updates, you'll always be aware of what's happening at your marina.

Yacht & boat Charters

If you are an outdoor person looking for that extra kick for a trip down the beautiful blue water of the Red sea, look no further. We provide exclusive Yacht and boat charter services. Make yourself at home with the services and amenities provided by us and enjoy a smooth and luxurious trip down the deep blue waters. Each trip offered by us, ensures that you have the best moment in your life while we take care of all the safety and marine standards into account.